Hated this!

And I had a low self esteem during that period of my life. But that had a lot to do with being my mother's punching bag, and having a father who only spoke to me maybe twice a month just to ask 'Where's yer maw?'

Kayla made no effort to seek out other quiet, unfriended kids - she only wanted to be noticed and liked by those she thought were cool. And she was so mean to her father and he was doing her no favors by tolerating it! If she was so lonely, why didn't she join some group(s)?

Unfortunately I think she represented many of the young people today - so very self centered and addicted to their cellphones.

And was her 'buddy' from the high school a senior? I'm not certain, but something was said that made me think she was. Which would be stupid as she'd not be there when Kayla would be going in the fall?

Hated this movie a lot! And I listened to directory/star commentary afterwards, and they both sounded so juvenile and shallow!


A kid that age wants to be one of the cool kids?!? Shocking.

It's a movie. She'd have no arc if she simply did what you say.


I think the point was that she represented todays young people.As far as the director being juvenile,far from it.Hes always been mature beyond his age,you can see it in his stand up he did in the past.