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Does anyone think Vampirina is the most underrated Disney Junior cartoon?

When it first came out in October 2016 Vampirina was due to become a smash hit for Disney Junior and after success with Sofia The First Doc McStuffins and Elena Of Avalor Vampirina was indeed a hit. But have you noticed that in anything Disney Junior Vampirina has now become an underrated cartoon today and I don't get it? Is it because Vampirina is not as popular as it once was when it first came out? I have seen the other new cartoons such as the Muppet Babies revival Mickey And The Roadster Racers Mickey Mouse Clubhouse get center stage on Disney Junior more than Vampirina and I think that Vampirina should be promoted more. Another thing I found shocking is that there is few merchandise of Vampirina and I feel that Vampirina should be featured in merchandise because it has become scarce to find. And you rarely find Vampirina dolls but you'll find dolls of the other characters such as Gregoria and Wolfie and Demi but not Vampirina. I understand that Vampirina is still popular but Disney needs to promote it more