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The scene where Tony throws the glasses away

For someone shown to be not against black people at all throughout the rest of the film, that seemed out of character for Tony. It made him seem like a closeted racist that was going to have some difficulty overcoming a working relationship with Doctor. The difficulty ended up being in differences of class and conduct. As far as the Doctor's race went, Tony just happily got on with it as if he were a white boss.


That was Tony's character arc. He starts out racist (mostly likely reflective of the institutional socially-required racism of the era). Then for the rest of the film, he witnesses firsthand how badly black people are treated across the country, even if they're educated, rich, and famous.

It was like: "We'll roll out the red carpet for you, smile and flatter you, and let you entertain us, but in no way are you good enough to eat with us, or have a drink in our bars, or use our bathrooms, or try on a suit without buying it first, or stay at our hotels, or drive on our roads, or drink from our fountains."

By the end of the film, Tony's views and perspectives have changed. He saw the hypocrisy and two-faced-ness in white people's politeness to Doc. That's why Tony invites Doc to eat Christmas dinner with him and his family.