reality vs fiction

Soooo.... apparently there are 2 very different accounts of the story.

Here is one by Shirley's relatives -

And here is one which has more of the narrative by Tony Lip's relatives -

And here is a video of Donald Shirley -
He sounds....err... a bit different from the dude playing him in the film.

There is apparently a documentary being made about Shirley - with him telling his story in his own words - it's called 'Let it shine'.

Anyways.... like I said, the video of real-life Donald Shirley shows a very different character - VERY different. In fact, I'd argue that the character we see in the film is by far more charismatic and sympathetic than the real-life Donald Shirley, but that's just my opinion.

In the end though - it seems like there was no friendship, and Donald Shirley had a very different personality than the one presented in the film.


he did seen cantankerous