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Viggo and the N-Word ...

Seems to be a big mystery over what was actually said by Viggo Mortensen when he was talking about racism with respect to his movie The Green Book.

I just saw the movie last night and thought it was excellent.

The thing is, if anyone has a right to discuss the statement about racism this movie might be making, why is it always on the actor and not on the writer, or director.

The writer of the story has the right to say what he was intending and how to say it, not the pretty boy actors, or pretty girl actresses who get so much attention because they are in the movie saying someone else's words.

I don't really care to hear about Viggo has to say about racism. How is he a racism expert when ... and I am honestly assuming here ... that he is white and he has never lived in the South.

Actors get up and make like they know everything about everything. Racism, global warming, diet, history, whatever it is, playing let's pretend in a movie scripted and directed by other people is a farce and we should not be doing it as a country, or nation, or economy or whatever.

How do we get rid of these silly provocative, and what are usually just PR advertising stunts anyway? I don't want to hear it, the movie stands on its own, and it worked pretty well, at least for me.

Now, if we want to talk about racism there are people far more qualified than Viggo ... and who knows, they probably put those words in his mouth as well. The other actor, Mahershala Ali, where was he? At least he might be able to say something intelligent on the subject - like his experiences, opinions, or thoughts on the subject, movie, the character and plot.

I was kind of surprised that in addition to making his character black they had to throw in gay as well.

But, there were a few throughtful moments in the movie, and judging from the average American commercial film production, this took a big bite, and chewed it down pretty well.

I do wish they would not bother trying to tell me this was a true story or based on one ... that can just mean anything, and usually it seems to mean that the movie was the opposite of what the real story was.


Are you actually telling white people what they should feel, think and say??? Viggo Mortenson has lived abroad, even as a child. He's most likely more experienced than you are.

Shirley was a black man, what drugs are you taking? The rumor that he was gay seems to come from Tony Lip himself, the character played by Mortenson. You are so ignorant.


A good actor will make lots of efforts to understand the whole context behind the role.


Seems like a clumsy and stupid remark by Viggo. But that is what I keep saying about movies ... audiences are so dumb, the actors are just there to look pretty, emote and spew dialog ... they did not write the movie, they did not direct the scene. half the time they are reading off a card or video screen.