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Will people say this movie is about political correctness ?

Because it has a sort of theme that is lecturing correctly about racism, does that mean people will complain about this, and are those who complain about political correctness just trying to deny their own moral defectiveness?


Normally, movies that try to "lecture" us get criticized as being didactic and patronizing. We like movies to show not tell. It's more compelling. That's why the lectures are always about safe topics, so if you criticize Schindler's List for example, you must be antisemitic. That's not morality. That's cynical brow beating. You can't tell the difference because you're an emotional child.


The movie makes a joke about a black man eating fried chicken.

The Farrelly Brothers made their opinion on this matter clear, in There's Something About Mary:

"I work with retards."

"Isn't that a bit...politically incorrect?"

"To hell with that. Nobody's going to tell me who I can & can't work with."

Healy's a liar but Mary relents because he has a point. The rules of political correctness are constantly in flux. They can get overwhelming & even self-contradict. So it's OK to say the wrong thing. It might even be necessary. Because the goal is to treat others with dignity. If the goal were avoiding offense, we could all just withdraw & live in isolation.


"The rules of political correctness are constantly in flux. They can get overwhelming & even self-contradict."

To be fair, some of our local conservatives define "political correctness" as anything from "Any political statement that annoys me", to "Casting any actor who's too dark, too female, or too liberal in a movie I might want to see".


No, not at all.



I'm one of the first people to be annoyed by rampant political correctness and social justice warrior agendas in movies and this movies is NOT that. This is just an excellent movie all around that tells a great story with great acting and is legitimately funny and moving at times. Probably the best movie I've watched this year.


I totally agree..I get tired of movies that want to lecture me about an attitude I never shared in the first place and are always awkwardly trying to adjust everything to check a certain box...

But this film is about real events that took place in the shows the absurdity of certain established ways of behaving and the way that any person can overcome their ignorance. And that it does take a certain kind of bravery for anyone to buck established cultural norms.
People need to learn to think for themselves with an open mind...
Not be told how to think or feel.

Is it a bad thing that it shows this organically or that it is ultimately uplifting?
People need to stop seeing the worst in everything and everyone. If anything that should be the ultimate message.