Wow what a show!

My favorite show of the year!

anyone who grew up with the 1982 Jim Henson fantasy classic who is either an 80s kid or a 90s kid (ones who saw it on video or on Disney Channel in the 90s) or even those who are 80s/90s kids hybrids like me (born 37 years ago and adored the movie for for 33 years since i was 4 when my parents bought me the movie on VHS at 4 then 25 years ago i rebought the movie on Disney's VHS when i was 12 in 94 then in 2000 i replaced the tape with DVD then in 2009 with blu-ray and last year i bought the ultraHD 4K BD which is my first UltraHD 4K BD purchase).

I love the world building, different gelfling tribes, the origin of how Skektek got his eyes removed and all that. Maybe in season 2 we'll get a flashback of how the Urseks came and split into the two different races. And i hear there will be more mystics in season 2 and maybe in season 2 they can get Ron Perlman, Kevin Conroy, Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, Keith David, Brad Douriff, Charlie Adler and Rob Paulsen.

This is using practical effects, animatronics, people in suits, puppets, cgi, models and all balanced together and is a passion project made by people who have an actual love of the original and honoring Henson's legacy and respecting the material just like Blade Runner 2049 was to Blade Runner as that was an excellent sequel. It's not some lazy halfassed failures like Ghostbusters 2016 aka Garbagebusters, Last Jedi, Robocop 3, Robocrap (2014 remake), Elm Street 2010, Alien 3 and other sequels after Aliens, Terminator sequels after T2 and all that garbage.

This looks like it's doing Jim proud! and nice cast too even Mark Hamil as the scientist.