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Unbreakable but killed by a puddle

Rubbish! Also what was with the fight scenes? The action was rubbish....just lots of grunting. Were they going for a Batman Begins like realism to the fighting? Because it was shit.

The fact there was only one orderly (a hopelessly incompetent one with a goatee at that) watching over three dangerous criminals. When he was killed there was absolutely no one checking whether things were alright.

The two security guys that kept talking on their radio as the Beast was running at them....jesus.



Technically, he didn't break, he choked.

And if you don't understand the concept of weakness, look up kryptonite or Achilles' heel.


It was never established that water acted like that on him.

If so, he wouldn't be able to drink it or take a shower!

In the first film it appeared that he was okay in the rain, probably showered, lol, but just couldn't function submerged in water. I assumed that it's because he was ultra dense of something.

I've been bodybuilding for decades and can't float or swim well. That's a problem for many weightlifters. Certainly, it would make sense for a superhero who needs to breathe.

Whatever the case, if he can SHOWER he wouldn't have zero power from getting water on his face. Even a normal human would thrash, do a pushup, or squirm away from the small puddle. However, he appeared to be as weak as a baby, which just made zero sense.


He punched through a water tank while underwater, bro...


Wow, I forgot about that.

That makes the puddle thing a thousand times more stupid.


I think the worst part is that David Dunne and the aliens from Signs have the same lame weakness.


I hated Signs with a passion!

Lets land on a planet with giant oceans and rain clouds everywhere!

We will not develop protective clothing but go naked!

Suicidal aliens.

Also, they had no weapons. It was such a stupid movie, like anyone involved in production should have known.


Yes!! Signs is another perfect example of a movie with too much dead air.
More examples:
You were never really here

We have to stop this trend!! Hollywood will do it even more because it's way cheaper for them. Stand up against dead air now!


It's because Hollywood doesn't hire real writers.

We've had decades of dumb movies because of it.

If you watch movies from the 40s, where they hired real writers, you will see much better dialogue and ideas, yet that was nearly a 100 years ago. Hollywood hires all jewish relatives or producers and stuff for writers. They aren't talented and it sucks.


Who wrote and directed it? There's your answer.

People think Sixth Sense is so great, and I like it, too. But I have to look past some enormous plotholes. Such is the case with any of M. Night's movies.


They are poorly thought out.


You said it!!!


You...may want to watch Unbreakable again.

The only instance of him not being totally immortal until the climax was a story told to him by his old school principal about how David as a child almost drowned in the school pool.

And in the climax, he is drowning in a swimming pool until the girls fish him out.

It's even a conversation between Dunne and Glass prior to the end of the film. Glass even points out that water is Davids' kryptonite.


Yes, but it doesn't make sense regarding rain, showering, and even drinking water.

It only makes sense that the volume of water is the issue.


Volume of water doesn't make sense either since he was super strong during the water tank scene in "Glass".


It’s if it gets into his lungs. I know they said that in unbreakable


Okay, the Beast killed the MG, and the guards killed the Beast because he was an active threat, but how can the guards get away with just drowning a helpless man? His son witnessed the murder. If it were me, I'd be pressing charges, not releasing some dumb video.