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Taking a dump on Professor X

One of most respected characters in the Marvel universe and the writer(s) essentially played into the political/social attitudes of the day (white men in a powerful position is inherently a bad thing), I see why it failed


?? I don't see how Prof. X being white had any impact. It could've just as easily been a black man, Asian woman, etc., who made the wrong choice of thinking he could repress bad childhood trauma rather than properly dealing with it.


I disagree that Prof x did the wrong thing. At what point do you tell a young child with incredible powers that her father is afraid her? At what point do you tell a child that her father blames her for his wife's death? It is a classic case of where the right thing to do might not be the best thing to do.

It is a very tricky thing, made even more difficult knowing the powers that Jean Grey has.

Prof X has a larger responsibility, making sure that she can control her powers and the safety of the public at large.

A reunion of the two could be a wonderful moment, but Prof X could not be sure how it would go.

I would be suprised if X did not try to talk to Jeans father throughout the years.


Your OP made it sound like you were arguing he's wrong solely b/c he's white and rich. That doesn't seem to be the issue. Looking past that, yeah, I gotta say it probably would've been too much to be honest and point blank about her father's state of mind. Prof X should've spilled the beans at some point though, but I suppose it's like telling a child that they're adopted, etc... hard to get the timing right.


Yes folks, these are the all too familiar ramblings of today’s paranoid reactionaries. (Talk about broken records!) They see what they want to see. This is hilarious, yet it’s not when you look at the kind of things the most insecure and paranoid individuals (the miserable red pill chud types) who believe straight hetero white dudes are being disenfranchised (shh, most of them don’t like the fact that those who for decades have truly been mocked and misrepresented in films and society are getting better representation now) have done in order to “save their kind”. Again, ugh. The privilege these complainers still have but don’t like to admit to (don’t worry, the current administration is your savior).


I am not a fan of Trump, his divisive rhetoric and poor character is bad for America.

I am also not a fan of divisive language that people on the left use. 'White privilege' is one of these words. Many poor white people are flummoxed at this use. Just go to a trailer park in Mississippi and ask a white person about 'white privilege' and what it means.

Those words also connote that people who are white and work hard to improve their station don't really deserve it.

It reminds me of an old Eddie Murphy SNL sketch where he uses NBC makeup artist to turn himself into a white businessman.Murphy found out a startling secret...white men ... Give things to each other!

Did you watch the 2019 Oscars? It definitely had a anti white male vibe going on.

I agree that diversity is a great thing! However, Hollywood is forgetting to include political diverse viewpoints in it's movies.

Conservative script writers
don't get much work these days. But writers that can take a dump on white males in power do. I say that because I feel that what happened to Prof X was unjust. In fact in the Marvel universe, Prof X was NEVER kicked out of the academy he founded! But it fit perfectly in to the left leaning narrative of today's Hollywood. The script was deemed 'correct'.


Professor X is like that it in the comics.

Did you want the films to be less like the comics?


Yes he can come across sometimes as haughty and full of himself, but do you think he deserved to get kicked out of his own Academy? That was my point.

The fact that Xmen comics goes back some 50 years and this NEVER happened (Prof X getting kicked out) is a dog whistle to the political atmosphere of the times.
Script writers know this and some are sure of putting left leaning viewpoints (a murky but sometimes not concept) into their work.


No, Prof X has been kicked out and turned away by the X-Men plenty of times in the comics.

You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about but still want to project your own agenda on this film, regardless.


Oh I was told different. Could you give comic #s where this has happened? In the original Dark Phoenix comic Prof X was not kicked out. I don't think that this
change is a coincidence.

Do you think what happened to Prof X was just in this movie? It is hard for me to say that it was. How did the power transfer happen? A scene where Prof X resigns would have explained much, but was it was not put in. Did he resign or was he forced out? The viewer is left in the dark.

I have no genda just texting a viewpoint. I stand by the view that Hollywood does not have any conservative people left creating films.



I have read most of wilkipedias bio on Prof X, (wow is it long). In it he has stepped down,died,bickered with members,started other academies, placed in prison, but never so unceremoniously forced out as depected in this film!

A short scene where he by choice and the good of the academy,resigned would have been great. But that was not put in. Leaving the viewer to the assumption that he was forced out, which in my view would have been a wrong.


Having collected X-men comics for just over 40 years, whilst I don’t claim to have an encyclopaedic knowledge, I can attest to the fact that Charlie boy has done some very questionable things in his time and, depending on the writer, can come across as a bit of a dick.

If you find yourself with time on your hands, have a read and you’ll see what I mean.


I think what the OP is saying is that do you think Prof X actions in THIS movie merit his being kicked out and named changed on the academy he founded?

I agree with the OP that his kicking out is not just. If he resigned that would be OK, but it seemed like he was forced out.