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Low Rating, Not so bad a film, Nothing really memorable

Is what I got from the film. There is nothing that stands out from this film that's memorable (beside I guess being overpowered by Jean). The only thing that I liked was the awesome music that Hans Zimmer always put in action movies. I always get riled up. I can see why Sophie Turner said she didn't do much except move her hands around a bunch of times and then the people just added all the effects in.

You'll despise Jean Grey in the beginning (well I did) as she gets too emo/emotional (female issues) and loses control of herself before she finally can control her emotions and use it for good near the end. Everyone was too emotional more or less and rushed to judgment and not giving her the space she needed which pushed Jean further apart from her so-called friends. Sucks they killed Mystique off so quickly with no memorial to go along with it. There was a slight SJW jab about patriarchy or men in general not understanding women and now she can unleash her power.