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It’s Almost Like Shameless Meets Billions, But With Mostly More Likable Characters

Better than what I thought it was going to be. First off, Alexander Skarsgard impressed me with his comic acting. I know he can do drama (Big Little Lies). I know he can do soap melodrama (True Blood). Now I know he can make me laugh. I almost did not recognize him. “”Is That Eric?” I asked myself repeatedly. He seems so soft; but his facial Profile is Northman. Moving on: any show that can have a guy escape a car crash only to be eaten by an alligator is Aces in the book of R_Kane. The characters are mostly broke, mostly good, good people (that repo lady!) and endearing. Kristen Dunst: Her backbone! Her sex appeal! That DANCE!! Let’s address the issue of the elephant in the room: imagine if SHE had been cast as Sookie Stackhouse!!! And also, yum.

I never have high hopes for a late-summer series. The setting is the 80s, which is promising, consider the popularity of the polyester/shoulder pads for women/prime time soap opera era. The target is pyramid marketing meets self-help guru industry, a target so fat that Ray Charles could hit it. I’m curious to see how this develops. How about you?

Not for nothing, if you really want to hold my attention: in addition to all of the above, keep Julie Benz on-screen as often as possible. The woman is funny, intelligent, poised, charming, German (massive R_Kane points) and a fertility goddess.


try this instead of ruining a scene for those who didn't see the premiere yet