This was great!

I don't think this film is getting enough support. I loved it!

It was well acted, well put together, and the fight choreography was some of the best I've seen.

A great entry into the Rocky Balboa series.

How awesome was it to see Drago and Rocky come face to face again after all these years??? That was amazing! And Drago's son was a freaking beast! Huge dude! The formula was set up and was nothing new, but I loved the way it told the story, including the irony of the last fight.

I also got a little teared up at the very end. The character of Rocky is such a good person, and it's great when things go well for him. I hope, as Stallone says, that Rocky is done on the screen, because that was a great send off for him if that's true.

I thought this improved on the first Creed, which was also a great movie. Loved seeing some of those old characters again.

Well done!


Yes, it was well acted and put together! The only thing that put me off was its predictability. No surprises whatsoever!