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It moves from comical to serious on the 2nd viewing

This movie, on first viewing, is great. A really surprising movie seeing Dick Cheney's story told, in a somewhat comical, and stylised way. They didn't go the usual biopic route. This is more like an op-ed. I was really entertained by this the first time.

But on 2nd viewing, it's not as funny. I saw the serious side of it. Someone who took power and abused it.

I didn't laugh so much with the reckless talks about invading Iraq. I actually thought it was very sad that they did this.

The jokes about Halliburton weren't so funny, he got his company a 2.5 billion dollar contract.

There is a sense of corruption. Corruption of power and corruption of spending.

And the selling out of the gay sister actually seemed darker, not so ironic, given the false mid-movie ending.