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Midcredit scene Spoilers*

That part was really depressing. It illustrated how divided we are.

The Conservative unwilling to accept information outside of his own circle. The Liberal acting condescending and not treating the other person with respect.

But even more depressing was the girl more interested in the Fast and the Furious movies than engaging with the important issues in this country.

I think it was the most important scene.


How was the liberal disrespectful? The conservative opened it up by calling him libtard, pivoting to Hillary, then assaulting him. The liberals actions are nowhere near counterproductive as Marks. So in your mind, liberals aren’t allowed to fight back?


Of course liberals are allowed to fight back. But you do that arguing the facts. All the liberal stated was that the movie had the facts and didn’t explain which parts were factual. Then he started screaming at the conservative and referred to Trump as an orange cheeto.

It shows that while liberals are correct on the issues, they are wrong in the way they try to communicate them.


But liberals are the ones who caused the Iraq war. Kagan and Kristol founded PNAC and planned our foreign policy at least as far back as Bill Clinton, who accused Iraq of having chemical weapons. It was the New York Times who upgraded that charge to WMDs. It was Obama who fought to extend the Bush timetables for withdrawal. Everyone involved endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. It was liberals who cried for John McCain, liberals whose hearts melted for Bush when he gave Moochelle a candy, liberals who called it treason that Trump would even question why we're still in NATO, why we still have military troops in Korea 70 years later, etc... Regime change is an official plank of the Democratic Party platform listed on their website. Anyone who questions war is a part of a racist antisemitic Russian conspiracy.

Twitter banned the NPC meme, for election interference. Thinking that you're just communicating wrong, or that we're too dumb to understand, those are just self serving excuses for more censorship, re-education, and other brutality. Get a clue, Church Lady. We don't like you.