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Mad there was no 9/11 inside job references

I would have liked at least one line about it. Even "two planes, three buildings fall. Magic." or maybe the fact that those at the Pentagon smelt the explosives of a missile, to which someone says "that's jet fuel. It was a plane that hit."..... "so where's the plane?" To which someone rolls their eyes.

I felt like ignoring the biggest conspiracy of this century was poor.

Or even a "shouldn't we kill Bin Ladden, he attacked us." to which Chenney could respond "No proof of that. None at all."


Nor about flat earth or moon hoax LOL


The moon isn't a hoax, I can see it right this minute.


Regardless of whether you think 9/11 was an inside job or not, there are scientists, aviators, engineers, with their own 'for 9/11 truth' organizations. They don't feel that the official narrative stands up to their own expert, first hand knowledge of how things occur in the real world.

The aviators say the planes couldn't be flown that fast. That the manoeuvrability shown was near impossible. They flew those things like fighter jets with extraordinary precision. Flight controllers, seeing the movements, didn't believe they were commercial jets.

So many things don't add up, or make sense. A bunch of failed student pilots did this?

Then the buildings falling down. There is an argument that they could falls, but they actually turned to dust as they fell. We've never seen a building turn to dust before. Literally dust. Dust and paper. Nothing else was found. Then the molten steel underneath would suggest something more than a fire had done this.

I could go on forever. The narrative doesn't explain this.


One close up video of the first tower collapse is an eye opener. It breaks at the corner first, and the top one-third of the building starts tilting forward, ready to tumble off nearly intact.

Then, in a second, that entire building section turns into dust in midair as the building below it begins to collapse straight down.

Out of the dust cloud, following the path of the original "tilt" I described except moving faster, comes one relatively small fragment of the buildings exterior, as if blasted out, and dust is flying off it like smoke.

I kept that video, still have it. I should pull just this clip and upload it alone.


The dustification of the twin rowers