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Metascore 59 from 33

Looks like the review embargo lifted on 17th. LA premiere was earlier.
While half the reviews are positive, the other half are "rotten".
Some genuine imdb reviews among the fakes, all positive.

Here are two others not included by MC.

‘Vice,’ the Dick Cheney Biopic, Might Be the Worst Movie of the Year

Dick Cheney Comedy Vice Is a Spastic Mess

You’d think a $60 million budget for this one would buy some cinematic sizzle, or at least a few funny jokes, but despite a trailer promising a movie about a badass hip-hop antihero — “Vice, Vice, Baby” — the film is a spastic mess, an angry upchuck, with a script that’s all, “And then I found THIS on Daily Kos!” It fails on all grounds except one: Christian Bale really is something as Dick Cheney. He’s a bit too tall for the role, and he overdid the pie-eating to build himself a Winnie the Pooh tummy, but the way he rounds his shoulders and manages to talk while keeping his teeth pressed together is spot-on. Sam Rockwell, as George W. Bush, and Steve Carell, as Donald Rumsfeld, are major talents, but in this case each of them makes the mistake of doing broad sketch-comedy parody rather than disappearing into the part as Bale does. Then again, Bale has lots of practice playing this role. As I wrote upon the release of The Dark Knight, “Batman is Dick Cheney with hair.”