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I can't even explain how sad this movie is (spoilers)

It may not even be the film but the sentiment that it produces. I saw it first as a mostly boring movie with very little dialogue and then realized upon watching it more closely that it communicated to my deeper consciousness and produced a level of grief in me I thought I couldn't understand. This is the loss of a persons personhood - you see a man relegated to a faceless ghost after a car accident (which we are all vulnerable too). All his physicality and identity stripped away. He then watches his life without him, travels through time forward and backwards and then to the time just before he was killed observing his living self. Then at the end after finding a note his wife left in the wall for him he disappears - free from the shackles as a tormented ghost walking the earth.

An incredibly sad film.


I also found the scenes into the distant future and into the distant past were meant to give you a different perspective on how things were or were going to be that you did not expect. (spoilers) In the future in the skyscraper built on top on their house in this new megacity we see a black man sitting as possibly CEO of the company addressing coworkers in a business meeting - this was possibly 50 to 100 years ahead in time and thought it's not an impossibly scenario today it possible that in this future racial issues and opportunities had completely changed.

Also on to the past, you see the pioneer family Murdered by native Americans and the little girls body deteriorate into dust over time. This is different than what people usually believe, most people tend to think it was the pioneers that exclusively killed the natives but instead this provides a reverse scenario. Perhaps this was meant to demonstrate history was not as clear cut as we think.


I loved it. I think it's a gorgeous piece of emotion.