My review on IMDB

Token, vapid and underwhelming. Made me hate women my age even more. I hate men as well, but for other reasons than what is relevant to this film.

The characters are all as sexually narcissistic as the ones in the series GIRLS; which is unwatchable. One of the first scenes, in the film is a series of watchwords flashing on the screen, as a "trigger warning".

I had no idea what happened in the baseball bat scene; I wish it was more graphic. Most of the drama I couldn't understand because we don't know their personalities and motivations.

The yellow text was sometimes unreadable cause the background was too light as well. Not a good stylistic choice, in my opinion. The low phone recording quality at the beginning was also bad and served no purpose.

The reason I am not giving it a one star rating is because Bill Skarsgård, and he's delectable, as always.

Also, I liked the part where his character, Mark, confronted the conceited protagonist after she humiliated him in front of her friends. As well. it was neat that he confronted her after he found out she cheated on him; it was about the most just part of the film.

As for the messege; forget it. It does not reflect real life, hence it's not satire. It can't be "funny cause it's true" because it's not true. This overly exaggerated drivel is a pseudo-feminist persecution complex training video.