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Was the president murdered?

The reporter said there was something in her speech with weird number sequences. Was this a Manchurian Candidate-style assassination?


If the president was murdered to stop her from exposing the truth about asteroid to the public, they did a lousy job because they didn't remove/destroy her speech as well. What good is it to kill a messenger but leave the message intact, so that some reporter can find it and learn about the existence of project Samson? Based on this, I'd say that she wasn't murdered.

But she probably was murdered, and screenwriters made another mistake in a series of mistakes this show is infested with.


What are the other mistakes you're referring to? I know there are some leaps of faith required, but the science behind the show is pretty solid.


Don't get me wrong, I like this show. But it does require leaps of faith.

For instance, they lose a contact with a probe near Jupiter, and when they reestablish it they have instant communication with the probe, even though in reality it takes 48 minutes for the signal to travel back and forth that distance at speed of light.

They cut off electricity in the whole Russia and that stops russian military satellites from noticing the launch of EM drive. In reality, military has independent power supply for sensitive communications. It's impossible to take everything off grid like they did.

Casually transporting uranium in a back of a car is highly unlikely.

The rocketship Salvation looks too small to carry 160 people and all the food and water they would need on a trip to Mars or wherever.

The president has Alzheimers and they manage to hide it from the public. I don't know how this could work in real life. Wouldn't there be any whistleblowers?

Those are just some most obvious mistakes I can think of.