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Super Bowl V reference- film flub?

Shortly after the family returns home from the trip to the rural estate, which clearly places the date as sometime in January 1971 (about 1:06:34 left in the film):

2 of the older boys are talking during a family meal (Paco I think & Beto, wearing glasses who must be a friend who hangs out sometimes. Although I couldn't find Beto in the cast of characters!) & we hear "the Cowboys won because Baltimore got cocky", "we won anyway", "Baltimore got cocky", "who likes the Cowboys", "and Cruz Azul champions forever!"

Alfonso Cuaron has stated almost every scene is based on his childhood recollections and the recollections of adults from this period. I think he has mis-remembered this.

(Dallas) Cowboys & Baltimore (Colts) is definitely Super Bowl V, which occurred in January 1971. The Cowboys have always had a big following in Mexico, so it makes sense they are happy the Cowboys won. Except they didn't!! The Colts won, I was about the same age as the older boys in the scene, & I remember my Colts winning like it was yesterday.

Most likely Mr. Cuaron is remembering January 1972, Super Bowl VI, when the Cowboys destroyed the Miami Dolphins & gained redemption for what was a very frustrating loss against the Colts.

Cruz Azul is Mexican football/soccer team that was very successful in the 70's.

Anyway, all of this is certainly not a major part of the story, but I had to point this out because it conflicts with one of my best childhood memories. Doesn't detract from a film that had me from the first scene!