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The most depressing scene was at the cinema when...

at the beginning of the end credits the curtain is getting closed instantly - while projecting the rest of the end credits onto the closed curtain, complete with music playing! Then after ten seconds into the credits the film is just turned off.

OMG *facepalm*, I remember those dark times in the 70s (and even 80s) in some cinemas in Germany. These were the dark ages of cinema. Even then as a kid I found it just embarassing and deeply wrong to cut off the ending of a movie like this.

Thank God these sh*thole days are over and every projectionist or usher responsible for this is dead by now.

(Had to get that off my chest!)


Seeing the curtains close brought back awful memories of seeing films in the 90s, where when they would change the reels from the trailers to the feature and close the curtains in between, *always* someone would have to shout out "HURRR IS THE MOVIE OVER?".

I miss the curtains, but I don't miss that guy.


Yeah, not the dead baby, the curtains scene....