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Congratulations Disney on another $1B film!!! 3rd Disney film of 2019 to do so!

They finally did it. Aladdin has dominated and thrived all the way from the Memorial weekend and is one of the most resilient films in recent times. Looking at a finish at the $1.05B mark with the US, SK and JPN continuing to carry the load.

Domestic: $345,928,586 34.3%
+ Foreign: $663,800,000 65.7%
= Worldwide: $1,009,728,586

It will end up with a very excellent profit in the $400M range. Damn Disney just can't be stopped lol.


You do realize that Disney only gets half of that billion dollars, right?'s nowhere near 400 million in profit.


You do realize that Disney only gets half of that billion dollars, right?'s nowhere near 400 million in profit.


oh how the MIGHTY have fallen....

somehow weve gone from you claiming "Aladdin Will be a Huge Flop that Will lose Disney HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars" to "Ummmmmm so what It made 1 Billion is now going to make HUNDREDS of Millions in Profit"

Epic fail!


forgive me, but did you also say the same thing about Aquaman man when it hit 1 Billion?

Man I just dont remember a thread or post where You stated "Hold up everybody, Lets not get excited here , after all WB is ONLY getting HALF of the billion dollars"

lol once again, You've reached a point where the ONLY possible way to troll on a Disney film is to set a standard thats so absurd it DOOMS films you like and defend as well

lol you might as we'll said "Hey did you every studio that makes a movie only gets half" lol

lol basically you were trying to come up with some absurd way to troll on Disney, and the only possible thing you could come up with is something that applies to every single major film thats ever been made....

Just an Epic fail....


Now to your BIGGEST FAIL

Aladdin is guaranteed to Net Disney at least 325 Million + just off its Theatrical Gross....

once again you failed to do any research.

for example did you know in 2016 Disney's Finding Dory made nearly an identical World Wide total of 1.028 M

did you know that Finding Dory had and EVEN HIGHER Budget of 200 Million?

and did you know Disney Netted A CONFIRMED 296 Million dollars in profit just off Finding Dory's Theatrical gross...

lol so sorry Queen, Aladdin Is CLOSE to 400 Million in Profit, actually probably right now its at minimum of 325 M+ just off its theatrical gross....

and Post Theatrical Revenue Will easily put it over 450 M+ in Profit....

once again I repeat, I know that you can not control your hatred for Disney, I know that you just PUKE stuff out in blind rages..but had you done just a snippet of research before hitting send

had you taken literally 1 min. you would have seen There Was another Disney Film, That is currently at the exact same World wide Gross as Aladdin and even had a larger Production budget and once you saw that, I hope the thought might have popped into your head "Hey maybe I should check and see how much This nearly identical film made in profit before A something some completely "Uneducated" and Stupid like Aladdin wont get close to 400 Million in profit"

after that, It was only 1 google search away from you seeing Finding Dory netted Disney With a 296 Million dollar profit

then and finally then, I believe you might have actually realized "shit, I cant say this, Aladdin cost Less, If Finding Dory made a confirmed 296 Million in Profit, Then Aladdin is already at a minimum of 325 M with a lower budget"

thus you would have erased your post above and saved yourself this embarrassing beat down


welcome back to the Aladdin board....although I must say not the greatest welcome back from your exile of Shame

lol I cant imagine I worse return then you popping in to try and somehow spin Aladdin making 1 Billion + into a bad thing and Then Old Billbrown swoops in to Obliterate you in your 1sr post back

anyways sorry, Aladdin is close to 400 Million in Profit

and also just wanted to have another laugh at you going from "Aladdin Will be a Huge Flop that Will lose Disney HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars" to "Ummmmmm so what Is made 1 Billion is now going to make HUNDREDS of Millions in Profit"

I'm honestly not sure I've ever seen anyone end up the such a polar opposite end of the spectrum than you did here...

lololol The EXACT Opposite of what You Originally predicted is what ended up happening ......just an unimaginable fail here....



Proof please ?


Proof please ?


Of what?


of queen predicting Dinsey only get 400 million


of queen predicting Dinsey only get 400 million


Lol hilariously Queen cant provide Proof that Disney wont make CLOSE to 400 Million.....Because Disney Will In fact Net a MINIMUM of 325 M+ from Aladdins Theatrical Gross

Its clear, in Queens response to you, he intended to suggest Disney would ONLY make 200 Million instead of 400 Million in Profit from Aladdin, Thats Why Queen pulled out the desperate Excuse that "Disney ONLY gets half"...

but to our Great JOY, Queen did no research before making this statement....

and Its very clear, Disney is in fact Making close to 400 Million from Aladdin's Theatrical Gross and Will eventually net over 450 Million + total after Post Theatrical Revenue

All in All, Queens ALL TIME Desperate excuse of "Disney ONLY gets Half" has failed in usual Queen spectacular fashion...

whats more I have no clue how Queen thought This excuse helped his case even if he was right?

because even if he was right and Disney ONLY made 200 Million in Profit from Aladdin thats still a grandslam and Still Makes Him Disastrously WRONG by Over 400 Million dollars

after all Queen's Expectations for Aladdin was for The Film to be a HUGE FLOP and lose Disney HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars....

I'm not exactly sure how Queen thought going from LOSING HUNDREDS of Million to admitting Disney is in fact going make HUNDREDS on Aladdin would help him in

Queen Predicted Aladdin to Lose 200 M+

Instead Aladdin has Made at least 325 M+ in Profit already and Will net at least 450 Million + total

you honestly cant MISS much worse than that!


Wow, even the most optimistic people didn’t expect an outcome like this for Aladdin. It exceeded every possible expectation. Needless to say, what a big win for everyone involved!

The sad Disney detractors (particularly a certain he who must not be named who continues to fail miserably with his predictions/hopes on these boards) shall keep screaming and whining as they always do... and in the end that’s all they can do. Their voices truly don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. #sorrynotsorry XD

Make that well-earned $$, Disney!