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It has already fallen to #2 in China (and close to #3)

Right now it's #2, in the edge of being #3. And more new films are being released today, so it could go even #4 in its second weekend.

It started hard, but it's not doing well, way worse than SpiderMan. I have no idea whether reviews and word of mouth are being good or bad, but it's falling, and falling quickly.

EDIT This post was about the drop in the second weekend in China (it was released there one week before the rest of the world). 10 days later, the exact same is happening in US. Not number #2 yet, but dropping fast.


Yeah, I saw that. Scott Mandelson said that there is a local, family pic that is slaughtering The Lion King over there.


Did China ever get to see the original Lion King? Perhaps this is like another Star Wars situation, where China just doesn't care as much.

Also, if Lion King underperforms worldwide, it would be funny to see Aladdin's remake do better than Lion King. No one saw that coming.


Since Disney spent 260 million on the production and probably anther 150 million on global marketing, I don't think THEY would think that's funny.



A mere three weekends of release, and Lion Ling is already the second highest grossing movie domestically and internationally.

Aladdin is 5th domestically and 6th internationally after 11 weekends.

I’m sure that Disney is smiling all the way to the bank. Only $50 million behind BATB internationally, as well. Given Queen’s own break even point of $850-million, this movie, after three weekends, is already profitable by hundreds of millions.

There is absolutely NO disgrace here!


I disagree. Check the box office adjusted to inflation

Disney remakes (except Dumbo) were doing as well as the original one. Beauty and the Beast actually did better than the original animated movie, even after adjusting to inflation.

The Lion King has only done half of the original movie. It'll do a bit more, of course, but it's gonna fall short. This is the remake of the most popular, acclaimed and almost highest grossing animated movie ever. This was the Big Remake. From now on, it goes downhill, they only have left The Little Blackmaid and Mulan, and that's it.


Bumping. Same story is happening in US.


You people really need a life!