Where's your gun Dad?

I can't imagine a US based post-apocalyptic world where you would wander around without a gun. Even if before the apocalypse you were an anti-gun leftist, you would eventually find a shotgun or rifle and keep it to protect your daughter, but also to hunt.


I wondered about that too. I think we just have to assume that there is some reason they don't have guns. But, also though few of the bad guys had guns too. Maybe there was martial law and they collected guns from people, or maybe the Dad was just wrong thinking that he did not need one. OR, since this was about 10 years into the apocalypse maybe there was very little ammunition, or virtually impossible to find.

It would be a hard change for people who went about their lives all their lives to have to assume everyone they met was a psychopathic criminal out to kill them. Or maybe he knew nothing about guns?

Just a note, it is BS to think Leftists are more anti-gun than anyone else. I am a Bernie and Warren supporter and I am very pro-gun, at least until someone has a plan that would convince me that taking away everyone's guns would be safe and a good idea, which I do not think is going to by any time soon. I am sick of Right-wingers always having to fill anything they say with some misinformation about the Left.

I merely show how ignorant and hateful, and willing to spread hate the Right is. At least certain people on the Right. You look at every post from Right-wingers about anything, and they always have to make some nasty comment about the Left.

But, also good point about hunting, because it never really showed them eating anything. How did they get their food?

But you also blamed Caleb, the father, when it was Tom who kept his gun, which by the way he hand-loaded, in the barn.