Three down, two to go.

I heard about these (admittedly trashy) TV movies years ago (upon their release) but dismissed them, due to the fact that Eric Roberts has been on auto pilot for the last few decades (putting in ten minute cameos in largely forgettable B-Movie deck)
So forgive me for being a little late to this party.

However, these movies have gained a bit of (well-needed) traction on MovieChat, so I thought I'd give them a go. I downloaded all five movies last night and (so far) have watched 3 of them (pretty much back to back) I must say, that despite their (obvious) corniness, it's probably some of the most invested performances by Roberts, that I've seen since his actual A-list heyday (and a far cry from the last 200 movies he's made, featuring his usual ten minute line recitals)

The first 'Stalked' movie (although campy) seems the most legit balance of genuine thriller and goofball TV movie theatrics.
The second 'Stalked' was a (literal) knowing-wink in the same vein as the 'Stepfather' movies.
The third 'Stalked' (which I've just finished watching) had some neat touches (the musical number and other illusions) but seemed to portray Robert's as the victim (making his character largely sedate)

I've now got 'Stalked' 4 & 5 to watch. Are they as fun as the first two movies, or do they suffer from the same fatigue issues the third movie exhibited (or is it me that's suffering 'fatigue' by watching these movies, essentially, back-to-back?)