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Disney really need a different Plot in the middle of their films.

Ok I think this movie was original and really good and I enjoyed it HOWEVER I am so over the chick click comedy and Disney formula. of how there are 2 friends. then in the middle of the film they fight then they make up at the end and everything is happy.

I am just so over that predictable plot in just about any comedy movie I see now. I seen that coming from a mile away I know looking at the clock ok we are 1 hour in so this will be the part they have a fight about his friend wanting to do something else and he stops her blah blah blah. then look at the clock with 20 to go 'here is the part where he ends up a hero saves her and they are great friends again'

I get it that it is a messages to kids. but its just so predictable and boring and it seems like every animated movie has to have this plot in it.


Why is your focus on Disney in this respect?

Is Illumination and DreamWorks cranking out masterworks?


I agree that it’s done often, but what better plot would you suggest? This whole movie is centered around the two of them, their relationship is being best friends, they need some angsty drama in the middle somewhere, what else could they have done? The basic plot was that they fought and made up, but the way they did it was unique. You prolly didn’t see exactly the way it would go from a mile away, only that there would be a conflict