When a game is unplugged...

...why do all the characters that are able to, retreat to the Game Central Station, like Sugar Rush's population has done twice now? Sonic stated in the original that if you die outside of your game, you die forever, and yet in the sequel, if a game has code for those characters, then they'll be regenerated upon rebooting, like Slaughter Race did. The first time, Vanellope wasn't part of the code and so she and Ralph were in danger of dying, but by the end of the movie, Vanellope has had her code copied to Slaughter Race so she will no longer be in danger.

So does that mean that she's in both racing games? What happens if the two copies meet? And the same for the citizens and racers of Sugar Rush, or indeed, any other game?

Is this a plothole?


her code was MOVED not copied. Shank added her code to the game, so Penelope is no longer in Sugar Rush at all. just like when Turbo took over in part 1, the game considered her a glitch and not part of the normal racing line up. The owner of the arcade will just assume that she was a glitch and the unplugging the game rebooted the game without it.