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The new character designs was lazy

The first Ralph movie has great memorable original characters, like Fix-It-Felix, Sarge Calhoun, Turbo / King Candy... even the police donuts and the sour candy were fun and interesting designs.

The sequels only has a bunch of generic designs. Except Eboy, he's good. The racing gang were the worst. Their designs were all very bland and uninspired.

You see, Candy Rush was a clever mash up of Mario Kart and Candy Crush. Both are hugely popular games in real life. But in the movie it's even better. It's pretty, and it's iconic. It's the "Wreck-It-Ralph racing game" everyone knows.

Slaughter Race, however, doesn't have any clever twist at all. It's not the "Ralph Breaks the Internet racing game", it's just a regular ass game found aplenty in real life. A mediocre one at that too. It has no creativity whatsoever.

Yesss was just too random. Even her name is random. Yes with three "s"es? What. What? Why? KnowsMore and Spamley look like rejected emotion concepts from Inside Out.

Fortunately, the Disney princesses saved the day.


Yawn. Another troll.


Dude you are talking like the first movie was any good, lol.


Why, yes. The first movie's character designs are quite good. Like I said, Fix-It-Felix, Sarge Calhoun, Turbo / King Candy, sour candy guy and the donut and eclair cops are good, well identifiable designs.

Compare them with Yesss, Knowsmore and Spamley. They look random at best. While the Slaughter Race members were just plain lazy generic designs.


When you mention Slaughter Race, it's a modern game, online, no less, and don't modern games have generic designs?


Bad modern games have generic designs. Bad old games also have generic designs. Examples of modern games with good character designs: Overwatch, Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, Warframe, etc. Even Fortnite has better and more iconic character designs than Slaughter Race.

The archetype of the game doesn't matter. Candy Rush was just a Mario Kart clone. Sarge Calhoun's game was pretty much a Halo clone. Still, Calhoun as a character is better designed than any of the Slaughter Race gang members.