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Great overall but participation trophy parents subliminal message kills a part of it

Great from start to post-end credits scene. Disney princesses make up the bulk of the humor, millennial dazzle on the corporation logos introduction to wifi, and nostalgia when they travel to the Disney hub. Sadly we didn't get to see what happens if the party ever made it to the Anti-virus hub, probably something epic. Vanellope singing was a mixed bag since her voice is screechy/whiney at best from Sarah Silverman.

What killed part of the show for me was how cringey Fix-it Felix & Sergeant Calhoun turned the 15 Candy Rush girls into safe space girls where everyone is rewarded even for sucking. When they go into the real world they'll demand things to conform to their ways or fallback to their safe space when it hits them hard, like when Ralph read those Youtube comments. This is further emphasized when they subliminally mention while either talking to each other or to the camera that all parents should be like this.


You're reading way too much into it

They're not "safe space girls" at the end - just polite

Besides, all this participation trophy panic is way overrated. Professional athletes aren't paid zero when they lose, so there IS such a thing as reward-for-effort. It's not as much as winners get, but that's also true in kids' sports.

This article debunks that whole notion a lot better than I could:


Yeah, we dont actually know how Felix and Calhoun got their results.

Personally I think they abandoned the "be your kid's best friend" stuff pretty fast, and Calhoun started kicking cartoon ass.


I don't believe that Felix nor Calhoun made those racers that way: notice how when Felix was in Tappers, he was considerably stressed out? Obviously, those two bit off more than they could chew.