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A little silly and funny but also dark. A bit weird as such

Liam Neeson movies are sometimes really good. "Taken" of course led the way with his popularity in the kick ass genre.

Here, he plays a very wooden role but the movie itself was a little weird and funny and quite dark at times.

The Fargo vibe was there along with some silly stuff like the Vietnamese wife, the Indians enjoying the free ski passes, the Indian on the parachute who was up in the air all night gets into a chipper at the end (I actually laughed out loudly at that), the hotel Indian reservation joke was funny. The whole villain drives a Tesla and is somewhat weird in his food habits and his Indian wife etc. was all over the top but funny. The black Eskimo guy death was also funny with the "would you step off the rug please". The other hitman who lies in the motel room with the folded $20 across his dick was also somewhat funny. With the bullet hole on the note.

None of it was cringeworthy or made me think it was bad. I liked the juxtaposition of unexpected humor in dark scenes like the school janitor who is talking about his girl feeling him up to him getting offed the next scene. Haha.

The obituaries at the end of every death was a good touch. They had christians, jews, buddhist and even hindu symbolisms.

Overall, the plot was wonky but fun and the end shootout was sort of weird but it set the finality on this bizarre take. The acting was wooden and not much more.

It was like a eating Pizza with ice cream. Weird but hey maybe it is something to experience once.

I rate it 6.5/10


Yeah, I didn't like the tone at all. It's kinda like, "Hey, look what clever and charming murderers we are!.."


Yeah it was weirdly great. Ill add in the scene where the indians are discussing what to do with the body and the other indian is holding the severed head.