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I am first to message on the board

Arnold's last good film was true lies.

Just look at the crap since:

The Expendables 3
Escape Plan
The Last Stand
The Expendables 2
The Kid & I
Around the World in 80 Days
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Collateral Damage
The 6th Day
End of Days
Batman & Robin
Jingle All the Way

Before then they were all really good.


End of days is a guilty pleasure, it's immensely entertaining.


Arnold's last great film was true lies.

Fixed, Arnold hasn't made a great movie in a while. But he's made a lot of good or entertaining movies still. But first of all stuff like Around the World in 80 Days and Kid & I weren't Arnold movies. Those were films that Arnold had cameos in as favors. Even Expendables 2/3 weren't Arnold films, he was just a supporting part in those. Overall though Eraser was still really good, End of Days, Last Stand and Escape Plan were all pretty good movies still. Not to mention Terminator 3 and Genisys may not be anywhere near the quality of the first two movies. But they aren't "bad" movies, more just decent, entertaining action movies. I agree that he's had some average or mediocre movies. But saying none were good is silly.


I really enjoyed Eraser and End of Days. I still don't know what to feel about Sabotage, it seems that some of the movie was left on the cutting floor. Collateral Damage, The 6th day and The Last Stand were enjoyable, not his best. I liked Genysis more than I liked Rise of the Machines.

The expendables franchice was bad, but bad in a good way. Escape Plan was more a Stallone flick than an Arnie movie. I felt it was lacking something.


Eraser was a fun over the top big budget action thriller that I enjoyed. Jingle All The Way for our ever silly it is is still a fun movie for the holidays. End of Days was dark and different to other Arnie flicks but it isn't a bad movie at all.
I enjoyed both 6th Day and Collateral Damage. T3 is poor in comparison to the first two masterpieces but as a stand alone it's actual a decent movie. The Last Stand/Escape Plan/Sabotage/T5 were solid movies. Ok maybe being a huge Arnie fan I'm a little biased. But if he was releasing movies and I was hating them then I'd be worried but so far I've enjoyed what he's offered.


Uhm before True Lies was Last Action Hero... But yes he made some bad movies since coming back from politics. However Escape Plan was pretty good, budget was $50 million and it made over $100 million. Expendables 3 was bad, but not Arnolds fault. He was not the lead guy, plus Stallone got greedy and decided to turn a really good Rated R franchise into a kiddie fest PG13 film. He admitted that was a mistake. Genisys might have ended the Terminator franchise with Arnold in it. The next 2 have been cancelled due to the poor performance, but again I really dont think its Arnolds fault. They dropped it to a PG13 crap fest, hired a very bad supporting cast of actors, bad story line, even the makeup was horrible. Johns face was just awful, especially compared to the 1992 version:

1992 Version:

2015 Version:

Just utter crap. As bad as his movies have been though, I hope he doesnt stop. He will eventually leave this world and we will never see him again. So any new movies, especially reboots/sequels of his original work, then Im all for it. I even would like to have just one more Terminator movie with him.

True Lies though was a very good movie, they were close to filming a sequel with Tom Arnold pushing with a script but stopped after 9/11 happened.


lol dude t 5 made more then 3 or 4 the franchise isnt ending dude rather i or you want it to


It made $450 world wide, but they have already cancelled the next 2. They might come back to it, but not anytime soon, sorry.


they never cancelled them they removed the second not the third an they only removed the release date also t5 was a hit just a over seas one which is enough for a sequel it will simply be a sequel with a lower budget but you will get more terminator an they wont make it without arnold all they did was take the second film in the trilogy off its planned release thats it it hasnt been cancelled all that means is you will get a lower budget sequel like kick ass 2 it will most likely come in 218 so sorry dude but it will come if you think there not going to make that money you are dreaming


I have ''Stop or my mom will shot'' in my collection but I don't have any of ''the expendables'' movies just to give you an idea of what I think of them. Yeah they do have their moments and I liked watching them but they were all deceptions exceptions the third one. I just did not cared.

The 6th Day is a great sci-fi movie with element of drama. Many point of views are shown and it gave some distinct quality to it and prevent the movie to be a simple sci-fi action movie with not enough sci-fi and not enough action.

Collateral Damage totally grew on me over time, but it's nothing special.

Jingle All The Way is a nice little movie.

Terminator 3 is full of action !! Everything blows ! Ok it's somehow a retelling of the second movie, but a good movie !! I'vw watch it many times.

The Last Stand sounds like the PERFECT come back vehicule. The lines were there, the characters. It missed something and this movie also grows on me. I've watch it 3 times and still enjoyed it.


true lies was his last great film also arnold wasnt in the kid an i lol also some of those you mentioned arent bad at all end of days is a fun b movie expendables 2 is considered by fans to eb better then the first dude the 6 day is an all right movie batman an robin did suck but every one sucked in it collateral damage again is considered a good flick just not great around the world in 80 days dosent count he had a cameo t3 was a fun popcorn movie nothing more the last stand is considered good dude by many people as is escape plan an most people find jingle all the way a fun bad movie only sabotage is considered a bad film