Season 2 Ending

(spoilers, duh)

Who else thought they should have ended it with Frank going back to at least see Beth, if not try to make that work.

Instead, we got that last scene, which was basically "Fùck you Madani, I'm destined to run around killing dozens of drug dealers / gang members". While that fits The Punisher general theme, it was a totally empty-calories ending and just squandered the Beth story, dropped after spending a decent amount of time developing.

What, they couldn't afford Alexa Davalos for more than 2 episodes?


I kind of get it. She got hurt when he let her get too close before and I imagine he wouldn't want it to happen again especially because he won't stop his current lifestyle. Even if he left that life, I don't think she'd be completely safe because there would definitely be criminals looking to take him out.


Yeah, I see that. The Ethan Hunt syndrome.