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Season 3 Ending (SPOILERS!)

So what do we think of that, the failure of V1, move on to V2.

Did the writers paint themselves into a corner? So this is a way to start fresh in Season 4?

Or did it end this way because they knew the show wasn't being renewed for a new season?

If the show comes back, will the same travelers / characters come back? (Can be nothing but pure speculation here, naturally) I mean, it seems pretty clear that Mac 'released' Kat from having any future with him (though of course with a show like this, anything can happen).



The ending was actually brilliant, since anything can happen and even if the show gets cancelled, the fans will still be satisfied.
I wish the other writers were that smart... we would have a lot less disappointed fans.


I was moderately satisfied but I wish they had given some closure to Trevor, Carly, Phillip and Grace.


I really enjoyed the show. Good writing, good Characters, decent acting. But there were just too many Deus ex machina moments. The ending is one of them.
All seems lost but then: "wait, if we [insert tech jargon here], we can survive.
There way too many convenient The Director saves them at the last moment moments.

Just my thoughts