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Willem Dafoe: The face of evil, the face of compassion | How much does an actor's face speak? | Florida Project casting

Hey, guys. I recently saw The Florida Project, and I was quite moved by Willem Dafoe's performance.

Apart from that, I also felt that he had the perfect face for the role. When it comes to casting in films, I have always felt that it is very important that the actor has the right face for the role. Because sometimes, just the face speaks a lot about the character. (especially in non-verbal close-up shots)

And Dafoe has a really compassionate face, which worked well in this movie. But seen in a different light, it seems, he also has the right face for a villain (most notably, old spiderman movie).

This duality is extremely fascinating. I have tried to compile my thoughts in this video ( Maybe with the help of images it'll be more clear. Do let me know what you guys feel about faces in general.