Really enjoyed this series

It's a unique show, although it addresses familiar themes. It's filled with animals which is always a plus.


The romance in the finale bothered me. Was not necessary although it did cure the multiverse, and all the emotional stuff towards the end was too much.

Many things to like about this series.

The villains were fairly sub-par. Dafne Keen is a fine actress. All others did a good job.
Purgatory was an interesting place to visit. Telling stories to revive the "dead" was great. Storytelling is lost in our world. It should be done more often. Face to face I mean.

I'm glad this series exists, and I might even revisit it in future.


"The romance in the finale bothered me. Was not necessary"

IT WAS IN THE BOOKS! I would've been pissed off if the HDM TV series had NOT included it! And Lyra and Will had been on the adventure together for two whole books, there was bound to be chemistry and eventual romance between such a partnership.

The tragic separation was the price to pay for Lyra and Will saving the multiverse, and they got off lightly: whereas Roger, Lee Scoresby, John Parry and the rest of the dead got to go on to an "afterlife" thanks to Lyra and Will, Asriel and Marisa Coulter were forever doomed to oblivion fighting and defeating Metatron. Think about it, no afterlife at all, just WORSE than death! Even Dumbledore would baulk at that aspect of their fate!