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This movie doesn't even connect well with the first one

In "The Shining" it's established that Overlook is so isolated that the cost of keeping the mountain roads open to reach it from the nearest populated area would be too expensive and it required a snow tractor to reach it in winter, but in "Doctor Sleep" they just drive right up to it in winter in an average two-wheel drive car, and when the Overlook begins to burn the emergency vehicles appear within minutes as if there's a downtown two miles away.

I didn't care how the Abra character was a super shining kid. It's some lame thing a guy like JJ Abrams would come up with for a sequel. Just make it bigger than the last time. You'd think Stephen King would be better than that.

Neither the book or the movie required a sequel at all.


This movie is actually great as a stand alone movie. I enjoyed it in that sense. Hat lady was stunning and Ewan was great too. Just don’t think of The Shining and it will be ok.