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Another Children of the Corn film... hmmm...

This makes film 10 not including DISCIPLES OF THE CROW. I wonder if professionals on the franchise are watching this message board or not. Good luck guys. Apparently, the script is said to have ties to Donald Borcher's re-adaptation of the short story from 2009 and Joel Soisson's CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS. I hope more information will be made available soon. Been a fan since I was 10, can't wait to see how the franchise's mythos is added onto.

Anyone else anticipating this film?


I was anticipating it when I thought it would be a reboot of the franchise, not a sequel to the previous two films. They need to give this franchise a make over with a good director like James Wan or Andres Muschietti or Scott Derickson, someone like that. But instead they just continue to make horrible, god awful sequels.


I didn't mind the last one, it was decent. Not the best, but better than the 2009 Children Of The Corn. I think they keep making these to hold the rights to the series. Another Hellraiser movie is coming out soon too. Both franchises are owned by Dimension Films. I stopped caring really after Children Of The Corn 4. Series went downhill after that one, but I still watch them.

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