No they didn't. They would've paraded them everywhere if they found any.


According to the investigative report, "many chemical weapons incidents clustered around the ruins of the Muthanna State Establishment, the center of Iraqi chemical agent production in the 1980s." The facility had fallen under the supervision of United Nations weapons inspectors after the first Gulf War and was known to house approximately 2,500 corroded chemical munitions, but the vast building complex was left unmanned once hostilities commenced in 2003 and was subject to looting.
... weapons expert Charles Duelfer: "We said in the [ISG] report that such chemical munitions would probably still be found. But the ones which have been found are left over from the Iran-Iraq war. They are almost 20 years old, and they are in a decayed fashion. It is very interesting that there are so many that were unaccounted for, but they do not constitute a weapon of mass destruction, although they could be a local hazard."


I loved the cartoon drawings of the SCI FI caves the war hawks paraded around before the war.

No SCI FI caves were ever found. NONE.

Also, very nice drawings of mobile chemical labs they claimed to had reports of all over Iraq and yet not a single photo was ever taken. This wasn't in the middle ages this was the early 2000s. At least 25 percent of US servicemen has a camera on them. NO PICTURES of these labs. NONE.

There are TONS of evidence of the GOV(US) LYING.

Blah blah blah.

No one cares.

All you can do is stop your gov from invading another country.
If it's the ORANGE man Trump, go against him on it.
If it's the SNOW man Biden, stop him from invading.
If it's Harris, well you have to let her do it because not letting her invade another country is racist and sexist and you would get fired from your job.... and booted off Twitter.