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Archie getting drunk at La Bonne Nuit

So Archie was drunk and made a scene because Reggie wouldn’t serve him anymore, but isn’t La Bonne Nuit alcohol free “speakeasy”?!

Did I miss something? Maybe I forgot that Veronica started serving alcohol.

I googled it and I found this info at Riverdale Wiki:

La Bonne Nuit is a non-alcoholic speakeasy located underneath Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe and it is owned by Veronica Lodge.

Even Veronica says to Josie and Kevin:
“Welcome to La Bonne Nuit. I've hired some of the Serpents from the Whyte Wyrm to serve drinks. Mocktails only. La Bonne Nuit is not in the business of corrupting minors.”

I was thinking maybe she did start serving alcohol when she went into businnes with Elio, but now when I think of it, it was just a casino business deal with him.

Ok, it could be said that officialy it is non alcoholic but it being a speakeasy and them being teenagers they probable serve alcohol secretly. But that was never mentioned I think.

So it was really funny seeing Archie being banned from the non alcoholic bar as he had too much.

How many mocktails are too much for a person? 😂


Inconsistency, Riverdales good at it.