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One More Thing About The Title

I found this by searching for content with Amanda Seyfried. I saw Clive Owen was also in it, so I watched it on Netflix. The title: prima facie, anon is presented to us as a contraction for“anonymous,” and I’m sure it is; but there is also the English word “anon,” which means “eventually, or presently.” It’s entirely possible that no one behind this project knows the obscure word “anon,” a word I much like and use in conversation; but what if the movie also means that this digitally-intrusive future is inevitable (which I think it is), nay, on the horizon? George Orwell’s novel, 1984, more fully realized? I think it can. How about you?

(I wonder how often the system in this film updates your metadata. Does it wait for you to update your curriculum vitae or LinkedIn Profile?)