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an interesting film

The acting was all right - the world is disturbing. I think there was plenty of social commentary on the world we are living in and where it's heading - where privacy is non-existent, and yet... where everything is so digitized that hackers can gain the ultimate power.

The music was great for this sort of film - it was moody, with hints of blade runner in it.

The last verbal exchange sort of got me thinking.... yes, the more you try to hide from the big brother, the more attraction you get - but then, the whole idea that the big brother should have access to every memory we have or be able to see everything that we do is equally surreal. Yet... here we are, in the age of facebook, smartphones - and where Edward Snowden is labeled a traitor by one of the most policed states - which spies on enemies and allies alike.

Anyways, decent film - check it out. Oh - and Amanda Seyfried goes braless in one scene.


I agree. I thought it had some really interesting concepts along with decent performances from the leads. Reminded me a lot of a Black Mirror episode so If you enjoy that and sci-fi check it out.


I thought the twist at the end was a bit lame as he says he does all this because "we're together." So I guess that's my only real complaint is that the ending is just not creative and falls flat imo.

lol braless scene was a nice bonus


I enjoyed it. I saw the twist coming from a long way off (cannot remember the movie(s) but certainly seen it before). I liked the style and the technology of the film - oh, and the cast was good to ☺


Oooooo! Another self proclaimed, twist spotter! We're all SOOOOO impressed!


Thankyou, you're very kind but I fear rather easily impressed.