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Men are cunning and women are evil

I am a huge fan of court room proceedings and trials movies and i love to see them especially when they are based on true stories. This one was one hell of a movie which i loved. Simply 8 out of 10. The acting, the proceeding and all the movie things, were just perfect. I read almost all of IMDb's reviews saying mixed things about movie. I realized after that, i don't have to be a movie specialist to comment what was good and what was not, as long as it entertained me well and it did it pretty well.
Just one last thought on the movie to start a random conversation with all the good people: "Men are cunning and women are evil".


Everybody was trapped back then. I watched the film as a woman with epilepsy. I realized that both of them lied under oath--however illegal because what they had done was also officially prohibited back then.

They felt trapped.

Lying under oath was obviously not right...and two wrongs certainly do not make a right.

But what would I have done if 'walled in' to something with few resources? What options would I have had? Short of killing themselves they had to find another way out.