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Kendra Wilkinson -- He's a Joke!

This is the very first episode I am (now) watching. And he did the scribble on the paper, he had "some" names...and he said he wrote "William".... I knew IMMEDIATELY this wasnt from his reading. You can go on any People Identifying website, like BeenVerified, and low and behold! There's a William Eckhardt, age 92. And Eric William Wilkinson, age 58. Sooooo not hard there.

And he didnt see her wanting 3rd child, he said he saw "Hormones" --- oh wow, Tyler! A woman who has hormones...and especially a reality star like Kendra. He AKSED her, "do you want a 3rd?" and he asked this like 3 times. Then she said well... i had this empty nest syndrome maybe I thought it. He didnt "see" a 3rd child in her future. He asked if she'd like to have one. So this leaves it open, she may or may not have one.

Ugh, look, I am a believer. I think there are some people out there who have this ability. But he show-boats, and there is no way he's going to be 100% with each celebrity. And tehre is so much about these celebrities. And with the internet, the possibilities are endless for him. And everyone has a grandma. And guess whos on her beenverified? Grandma GLORIA! He's a joke!