it's all backwards

This show is hilarious. Instead of giving a reading, Tyler tells them things that come across more as a test of his skills as a medium than as messages to them.

For instance, he will say to Snooki, "Who is Elaine?" and she screams "Stopppppp!" as if to validate he is a great psychic and he sits there grinning all smug.... so happy he is getting good grades.

How about just telling the people who you are reading what you see instead of using most of the time to prove how terrific you are and watching them shriek in surprise at your abilities.....


I like him. I don't believe everything he says but I like him. I really think some of the things he says can't be "known already" or is public knowledge. Everyone has access to the Internet but if he truly doesn't know who he's going to be reading, how can he research the on the Internet?
I WANT to believe him I guess.?