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Grandmas really must get around

Most of us have fond memories of our grandparents, as these celebrities do. I was wondering how Grandma can be "with" the grandkid when there are many cousins & siblings. Do they take shifts? Does Grandma have a bank of spiritual tv monitors like the security office in a casino?

What about great grandparents? I'd be more interested in talking with them & hearing about their experiences as immigrants in the 1890s.

Is there a term limit? How many generations are they allowed to hang out & observe their progeny?

Is everyone "at peace"? Does anyone complain from the "other side" that, "I knew you never should have married that man!" or "You spent your inheritance on what?!".


Very good analysis and funny too. But it's true, he never says things like "Your Mother is in hell and is trying to get out!" Everyone is "at peace" or "just fine"! How can you be at peace when you're dead? Just wondering.