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Has he ever went to a celebrity that he knew of?

I've seen 2 episodes and he didn't know who any of the celebs were, DJ Qualls, Corey Feldman (Corey Feldman really? You don't know who Corey Feldman is, how?) Charisma Carpenter for instance were in these episodes.

That alone is enough to question the validity of the readings, for someone who's the selfproclaimed 'go to medium for celebs' he doesn't appear to know of any celebs. It feels kinda like he's hiding the fact that he goes on a long google search before every new client by pretending not to even know who they are so that bringing up like Haim's drugproblems and abuse being seen as something impressive.

I mean the readings were interesting enough to see their reactions and stuff but still.

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I haven't watched it much but of the 1-2 eps I've seen he does seem to recognise some of them. Of everything about the show, that's hardly the most unlikely thing; a lot of people aren't particularly pop-culture savvy. He's also very young and a lot of these people aren't particularly contemporary celebrities. Corey Feldman for one is definitely well before his time.

In direct answer to you thread title/question though, yes he has. He recognised Candis Cayne.


I suppose you got a point, Boy George and Corey Feldman were more 80's icons but still who hasn't seen Lost Boys? I guess he hasn't.

But cool good to know, and yeah there are more unlikely things for sure.

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but still who hasn't seen Lost Boys?

bySeth_Rogue_One » 2 days ago (Thu Feb 9 2017 15:56:38)

Or Stand By Me! or The Goonies! poor Hollywood Medium, he's really missing out 


For sure, he probably spend days researching his clients so he knows what to say...

I actually think what he did in terms of having 'Corey Haim' tell Corey Feldman that he should announce to the world the names of the people that abused them could have had an opposite effect. He might have been considering it but then he thought back about his experience with the 'medium' and realised that he was full of crap and only wanted to be the fuse that lit the fire so to speak, so yet again he went back to not telling mode.

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