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Just wondering about Annette...not spoiler for s2 just wondering

So, after two seasons now and all these phone calls Davey seems to have with the elusive missus, Annette...

...I'm thinking there is something truly up with Annette.

Did she long ago leave Davey? And he's covering for that, not wanting to tell anybody? Ergo, we see these frequent calls to her that he seems to have when others are around? They seem to happen in every episode. Hm.

Or is she struggling with a severe depression or a degenerative disability he does not wish to share with friends or colleagues, and he's always needing to bring groceries home (like the funny ongoing lamb cutlet plot point in s2 e9?)

Perhaps she does no longer leave the house due to problems?

Or...something else?

But all these little phone calls we've seen throughout the series surely are not included for no reason? Why do we need to see him on the mobile with her all the time? It's clearly included in the script, has to be filmed and therefore surely has some bearing on the plot for Davey?

The way Davey often mentions to others, oh, Annette expects me home, or I must pick up this or that--and the way Davey delivers the line, it's as though he's purposely saying things to people as a kind of front to pretend something about Annette.

I think we are about to discover something very revealing about Davey and Annette in the series finale tomorrow.




Yes! Ha. "Normie's" missus. Never seen but never forgotten.

Series 2 finale spoilers:

Oh well, we heard nothing about Annette that would make us think my original post had any basis in the story.

Though Annette did become central to discussions between Davey and Jane, and we were enlightened about a few things of the past regarding Davey and Annette. And Jane, of course.

Interesting, too. Just goes to show how things we might do things off the cuff when we are young, teenaged and silly sometimes can have lifelong ripple effects in lives.

The plot with Davey/Annette/Jane doing teenaged love-life things as teens was a good bookend story to the current day story about the love lives of teens that had a far more serious and devastating legal outcome for all concerned.

Nicely written finale. Well done!


have they commissioned season 3 yet?
i know its not a serial, but after that ending with "don't....don't you want me"
playing in the background, i urge for more,

i don't have any evidence to support Annette leaving davie awhile ago, i can't see him justifiably cock-blocking himself from jane

in s02e09, there is that exchange jane says "thats probably why you love me" and then davie says "yeah probably" then they look away awkwardly.

if annette isn't real, why is davie forcing salads on himself,
although has it been explained why they don't have kids yet?