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If you are wondering if it's any good....

It is pretty decent.
Not as good as the first but better than the 2nd.


I’d have to disagree with you. I thought it was weak, even in comparison to the 2nd one. The first and second were believable to me whilst this one was just far fetched and over the top. I’m not gonna add spoilers but the amount of times I rolled my eyes


Well, we obviously watch films for different reasons because a fictional film being far fetched isn't an issue for me.
It was well made and entertaining.

I think people like you take films too seriously.
Most action films are far fetched when you really think about them.
But you aren't supposed to think about them.....Just turn off your brain and enjoy the film.

Still, each to their own.


So because I expected this film to be as believable as the first 2 in the series I’m taking films too seriously??

All the lessons taught in the first 2 films are thrown out the window in this one and the set up is just so ridiculous in some cases that it made it weak.

When I’m watching a movie and every 2 minutes I’m thinking the following “Huh, What, Why??, That would never happen” its a sign it’s not a great movie to me. Some things I had a problem with.

Daily is supposed to be the head of some major family gang who run drugs, guns and a prostitution racket but he runs all of this from inside the house he lives in.

He then invites Sam to this same house he lives in letting him see all the guns and drugs and explaining his prostitution racket to him, let him know they shot his brother and that revenge is coming and are surprised he called the police.

Man sitting in the gym with a gun in hand and office door open for all to see. Why did he even have the gun out. Did he have to show it to the woman, couldn’t he have just said “I have a gun”.

People walking round butt naked in a gym giving evil looks to people for no apparent reason. Were they eyeballing him because he wasn’t as in shape as them. That what the film leads us to believe.

Uncle Curtis wants revenge so works for Daily in order to get it, then isn’t allowed to get it the way he wants??? Why did he even go to Daily instead of just doing whatever it was he wanted to do

The bodyguards this big kingpin gangster employs are a bunch of school kids.

That whole random chick asking him to follow her home to put directions in her phone scenario.

People stabbing someone and leaving them with a potentially fatal injury because he said he didn’t like him.

Hugging a man notorious for stabbing people while hugging them.

Why did Daily kill Hugs??

People murdering an old woman when cutting her would have sent the same message. The guy who murdered her wasn’t even the guy that had beef with Sam.

Man in Kebab shop goes with them armed with machetes and guns to kill a whole heap of people because he robbed him when they were kids. This man who has never been mentioned in the previous 2 films is willing to go to war and kill people with him.

I could go on. Now this isn’t the worse film I’ve seen by far but it didn’t deserve a cinema release. But yeah, you’re right. We obviously do watch movies for different reasons. If I was going in thinking I’m gonna get the usual crappy London gangster movie I would expect this but I went in expecting something along the lines of the first 2 movies.

But like you said, each to their own. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying this movie but I must say that I’m surprised that you think it’s superior to Adulthood.


I never found any of these films to be particularly realistic.
The first one especially is corny as hell and a lot of the acting was awful.
This one might of been too "over the top" for you but personally, I thought it was well acted, well made and entertaining.

Plus, the story was more interesting to follow than the 2nd one.
I get that you disliked the film because of how unrealistic it was but if you forget about those things, you are left with a pretty decent film.

Like I said, those aspects you mentioned don't bother me.....Hence why I thought it was a decent film lol. Makes sense?

Plus, it does seem like you overthink when watching films.
Most of the things you mentioned didn't even occur to me because when I watch films....I just watch them lol. I listen to the dialogue and follow the story and unless there are any major flaws in the plotline, I'm perfectly okay things being far fetched or unlikely.

Like your point about people eyeballing him in the gym........HUGE nitpick IMO lol. Honestly, I couldn't care less about why they were, it's hardly relevant to the story.

Your point about the man in the kebab shop willing to kill people for Sam....Sure, it's unlikely....But it's not a plot hole. It's a film made for entertaining, I don't care who is he or why is was willing to kill for Sam, just go with it! lol
The writing isn't great but it's Noel Clark! I didn't expect great story telling.
And if you examine the first 2 films like you examine this one, you will find plenty of silly or unlikely things.
It's been a while since I saw the other 2 but off the top of my head....
In the first film, Jay is shown to be a bit of a pussy, getting bullied by sam and his mate at the start....Then about 20 mins in to the film, he gets started on by some random chavs in the street who are way bigger than him, bigger than Sam even but all of a sudden he has a total personality change and he is now a "bad man" lol. So he can act tough and square up to these guys but not to Sam?
Also the fact that this young girl kills herself because she got beaten up in class and threatened....Highly unlikely, I went through worse as a kid, a lot of people did..And they didn't kill themselves.

All these films are unrealistic n far fetched, mate.
It doesn't bother me, they are just films.