Message to Noel

Firstly apologies... regretfully streamed brotherhood ignorantly for free. Sam...sorry Noel, nuff respect towards your dedication to your work. Thank you for finally closing off those loose ends (i.e. Curtis, and that p all them deserved including kebab guy ?)
Don't understand why you're not given more production funds (I'm sure it's coz those wanting to invest also want absurd figures in return, but you still did it!) Either way your cast and crew did a banging job of it all. This killer trilogy of yours is something that depicts a side to London and other cities of U.K., that others wouldn't dare risk, cos movie makers only want fantasy films about their country like James Bond etc (yes James Bond is fantasy) And there's no doubt in my mind that getting this movie produced was probs one of your biggest struggles.
Thanks for showin me and the yoots of our nation that no matter what your struggle, nothing is easy, and takin the easy route although brings short term bliss, that bliss blinds your true intelligence.
Love that you got Stormzy to be the defector from crime, casting crew hit the nail.
Noel don't stop makin films... it might not ever be Hollywood doe, but the message you do your best to get across in every film is the most charitable thing you could do in your position. Thanks for not conforming to the movie Mughals, you're changing lives.. I promise you. Nuff respect "blud....?????"
Hate that you knocked blud in your film tho, that word still remains to be a word I either use for a bruda that's bin wit me since day... or like in brotherhood, when you wanna get a message across to the yoots (because plain English don't cut it ?)
Noel don't make a number 4. But get some *beep* investment bro, my idea: 5 to 10years time, kidulthood part 2, then adulthood part 2, (year 2020) coz the new kids always gunna need guidance, (like we did) you're just the first in my generation that has used your voice and position correctly, hope you *beep* made some p along the way. Lataz OG. Sumeet (Wembley)