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S2 E4: An Obol For Charon

In my opinion this was the best episode so far.

I got worried for Saru for a bit there. He is my favorite character.
It was nice to see his quarters and interesting to know more about him.

Also there was funny moment when Stamets and Reno were hallucinating.


It is the best episode - but i'm getting annoyed by many characters on this show.... like Tilly. Hopefully she's killed off soon - because she's written as being one paranoid character without any redeeming qualities. She reminds me of Barklay, but that dude was written as having some genuine skills in the science/engineering department, so there was a reason to keep him around. And his paranoia was often humorous. That's not the case with Tilly.


Yeah, Tilly is annoying. Most of the characters are. Saru is the best, and I like Captain Pike so far.